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Cost Per Tip Topping reduced by 25%

Case Studies
Machine – Vollmer CP200 Wheel – 6A9 Stock removal – .1mm Traverse Rate – 4mm/sec Cost Per Tip  – Leading Competitors Wheel = $.0031 Eagle SuperAbrasives Wheel = $.0025

Fluting Time reduced – 4:00 to 2:30

Case Studies
Machine – ANCA Fast Grind MG7 HP = 5 Stock removal .216″ Proflute 2 versus 3M polybond wheel Traverse rate Their wheel, 3.5″/min. – Our Wheel, 6.3″/Min. Tools ground before…

Reduced Fluting time by 22 minutes

Case Studies
Eagle Pro Flute 2 versus Tyrolit Startec Wheel Machine – Walter Helitronic Mini Power 35HP Wheel 1V1 -45 Fluting Tool – 25mm 6 flute Form Cutter Competitors wheel feed rate…

Fluting time reduced by 73%

Case Studies
Radiac BX703 versus Pro Flute 1 Machine Walter Helitronic Mini Power – 13HP – 1V1 – 45 degree – 1/2″ 5 flute endmill Feedrate – Radiac Wheel 2″/minute ….Eagle wheel…


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