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How are diamond wheels used in the Medical Industry?

Precision is paramount in the medical industry, and at Eagle Superabrasives, we excel in providing top-notch solutions for the manufacturing of medical tools and surgical instruments. As a leading producer of CBN and diamond wheels, our extensive product range caters to the grinding, polishing, and super finishing needs of medical devices such as sharps, needles, clips, pliers, tongs, bone rasps, and more.

Our high-performance precision tools are crucial for crafting medical instruments from materials like stainless steel, cobalt chrome, and titanium, ensuring fine precision grinding that guarantees consistent quality. From clamps and forceps to scissors and hypodermic needles, our Superabrasive wheels play a vital role in enhancing the quality of medical professionals’ work, ultimately contributing to improved human health.

Our Superabrasive wheels find diverse applications, including sharpening and grinding scissors without burning or burrs, pre-polishing and deburring forceps for defined surface effects, and grinding various surgical and medical equipment such as cannula needles, spinal cord stimulation devices, trocar points, catheter bodies, biopsy needles, CT scan pellets, bone drills and saws, Nitinol tubing, surgical reamers, cold chisels, and brackets.

Beyond medical tools, our grinding and polishing systems are integral to orthopedics, aiding in the fabrication of metal knee joints, ceramic and metal hip joints, and trauma implants. As the aging population increases, trauma-related surgeries become more common, necessitating the use of our solutions for deburring and polishing orthopedic implants used in internal fixation/open reduction surgery.

For dentistry applications, we offer high-precision diamond wheels tailored for grinding dental devices like files and burs with narrow tolerances. With a variety of wheels and bonds suitable for grinding cobalt-chromium, nitinol, and stainless-steel alloys, we assist customers in meeting production and quality objectives, optimizing device manufacturing, and achieving superior results. At Eagle Superabrasives, our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that our products consistently meet the evolving demands of the medical and dental fields.

Superior Wheels For:
Cannula & Biopsy Needles
Bone Drills & Rasps
Surgical Reamers
Cold Chisels

E-TEC Wheels

For Grinding Tubes

All Eagle Superabrasives’ electrochemical grinding (ECG) wheels feature our propritary E-TEC bond formulation. E-TEC is designed to provide upgraded performance through higher conductivity, allowing for consistent burr-free cuts. While cutting 3.5mm stainless tubing, Eagle’s E-TEC wheel achieved 24% longer life than our competition in side-by-side testing.

With E-TEC grinding wheels, you can expect:
Guaranteed burr-free cutting
Wheels that are consistently conductive
Durability, wear resistance, and longer-lasting copper & nickel coatings
More than twice the abrasive depth of our competitors for maximum wheel life.

Pro Flute Aero Wheels

For Grinding Round Tools

Formulated with Eagle Superabrasives’ proprietary hybrid porosity technology, the Pro Flute Aero Bond utilizes pores in the bond to help keep the wheel cool, all while maximizing edge retention and cutting faster.

A combination of Eagle’s aggressive-cutting Aero Max and form-holding Pro Flute bonds, the Pro Flute Aero was developed with the intention of grinding tools with 5/8” or smaller in diameter.

For round tool manufacturers looking for the best in production, efficiency, and price per part, look no further than Eagle.

VitTEC Wheels

For Grinding Cam & Crank Shafts

Eagle’s proprietary VitTEC diamond and CBN wheels are made for operators looking for more out of their vitrified grinding wheels.

What sets our VitTEC wheels apart from other vitrified diamond & CBN wheels is Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP). While ordinary vitrified wheels are only pressed from two dimensions, ours are evenly pressed from every single side, angle, and radii during the CIP process.This guarantees that our wheel segments have perfectly consistent density throughout the abrasive section

As a result, our VitTEC wheels provide several advantages over our competition, including:
High thermal stability
Dress while mounted to achieve precise wheel forms that last longer, lengthening the time between re-dressings
Porous bond helps coolant remove heat from contact point & allow for increased stock removal
Improved edge quality of tools
Faster cycle times

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