Burr Grinding

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Burr Grinding Solutions

Diamond grinding wheels can be used in the manufacturing of carbide rotary burrs (commonly referred to as rotary files) and are used for shaping, cutting, and grinding – as well as the removal of sharp edges and excess material (deburring).

Burrs are widely used in engineering, tool making, wood carving, casting and welding. The automotive, aerospace and medical/dental industries commonly use burrs in their manufacturing processes.


Why is the wheel quality important?

When choosing a diamond wheel for deburring processes, making sure that the wheel holds its shape is key. When a burr is spinning rapidly, it creates a chip that cuts off the material. That material and chip goes into the bottom (gullet) of the flute and ejects on the other side. The shape of the diamond wheel dictates the shape of the gullet. Should the gullet become rounded and not come to a point, the chip will not eject, thus creating a less aggressive cut. Burrs are used across multiple industries from medical to ceramics and foundry work.

If you are looking to remove material fast, burrs are excellent tools – and Eagle’s grinding wheels are up for the task!

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Trust the Experts

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Worried that stock wheel won’t cut it for your application? No worries! We manufacture custom wheels daily, and some of these wheels can ship in as little as seven days.

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We offer standard diamond wheel shapes including top, face, and side grinding wheels

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