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Saw & Tool Grinding Wheels

Saw and tool grinding wheels play a pivotal role in the saw industry. Diamond wheels excel in grinding hard materials such as carbide, ceramics, and glass, while CBN wheels are highly effective for machining ferrous materials like hardened steels. Saw and tool grinding wheels are utilized for shaping, sharpening, and regrinding cutting tools, including saw blades, drills, and milling cutters. Their exceptional hardness and abrasive properties ensure efficient material removal and extended tool life. Diamond and CBN saw and tool grinding wheels are essential for maintaining the precision and performance of cutting tools, contributing to the production of high-quality components in industries ranging from woodworking and metalworking to aerospace and beyond. The ability of these wheels to deliver consistent and high-precision results makes them indispensable in applications where the quality of cutting tools directly impacts overall manufacturing efficiency.

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Vast inventory including triple grit and quad grit wheels, hybrid bond fluting wheels and gashing wheels.

Hybrid bond fluting wheels and gashing wheels.

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Worried that stock a wheel won’t cut it for your application? No worries! We manufacture custom wheels daily, and some of these wheels can ship in as little as seven days.

Maximizing Saw sharpening Profitablity


Diamond wheels are an amazing product when it comes to grinding. While they be an expensive investment initially, the production capability of these wheels is unmatched. In the case study below of a saw grinding service, we will discuss how implementing a more productive diamond wheel into your grinding process will increase your productivity as well as profits!

  • Saw Sharpening Charge – $20
  • Diamond Wheel Cost – $200

In this hypothetical scenario, we will look at a saw grinding business working 220 days per year with the average production rate of 60 saw blades per day per worker. In a typical work year, one individual can manufacture 13,200 blades. The revenue generated from one worker alone equals $264,000. The average diamond wheel last five days, so 220 working days / 5 yields 44 wheels needed per year. 44 x $200 = $8,800 per year on wheels.

Our customer is looking to save 15% per diamond wheel. If we reduce the cost of each wheel by 15%, the final price per wheel becomes $170. Using the same formula, 44 x $170 = $7,480. Savings per year is $1,320! Sounds great right?

closeup of the metal cutting blade machining

Another customer looks to save money by having a wheel made in a harder bond  so it lasts longer. If you have a wheel that last 30% longer, the total wheel life would be 6.5 days instead of 5. 220 working days / 6.5 = 34 wheels needed per year. 10 less wheels used per year, saves you $2,000. While this savings may seem outstanding, there is a downside, the wheel becomes less productive due to its hardness. So the actual revenue from service ($20 per blade) may decline due to less productivity.

The real savings can be found when you have a wheel that can manufacture more blades per day. For example, we create a wheel that can grind an additional 10 blades per day.

The 60 blades per individual now becomes 70. An additional 10 blades serviced per day, generates an extra $200 a day in revenue. 70 x 220 working days = 15,400 blades serviced per year. Comparing that to the first scenario of 60 blades per day we see the profits growing quickly.

13,200 blades/year VS. 15,400 blades/year
This translates into:
$264,000 vs. $308,000 (increased revenue of $44,000)

Due to the wheel being made so it increases productivity, the wheel life decreases by half. What used to be 44 wheels now becomes 88 wheels. The additional 44 wheels x $200 = $8,800 in wheels. After you have deducted this additional cost from the new revenue, the final result is you net $35,200 if we make the wheel more aggressive.

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