Maintain critical tolerances longer. Exceptional grip and consistent work-piece rotation.

Hyper-Grip Rubber Matrix Technology

Rubber-bonded wheels are extremely durable and strong. The main uses or rubber bond wheels are as thin cut-off wheels and driving wheels in centerless grinding machines. They are used also when very fine finishes are required on bearing surfaces. Rubber bond can provide a superior finish, are cost effective and have the ability to grind and polish composite in a single pass.

Applications Include:
Precision Tubes
Electrical Compacts

Rubber Advantage

The recurring question of when to use rubber or resin bonded wheels ultimately comes down to application. Rubber bonded wheels have an elastic bond which provides great advantages for metallurgical cutting applications. Rubber-bonded grinding wheels can be produced thinner than other types, and will maintain greater structural stability at a reduced thickness.

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Maximize Performance

Regulating Wheels made with rubber bond use natural rubber as a bond are made by the calendaring process. This type of wheel provides higher traction and a resilient toughness that reduces dressing. Rubber bond also tolerates a greater variance in the stock going into the grinding operation.

Wheels are available in a wide range of dimensions and grit sizes. To get the best wheel to suit your specific needs our application engineers makes use of a wide variety of abrasive grit types, sizes and grades to create the perfect product for you.

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Core Offerings

Working with Eagle, you can expect to discuss your project with one of our highly-skilled, U.S.-based application engineers. Together, they will help identify and provide the grinding solution that best fits your unique needs and goals. Our manufacturing capabilities are second-to-none in the industry.