Our grinding wheels are designed with an advanced POLYMIDE resin bonding system, ensuring your wheels last longer than competitors.

Eagle’s Polymide Bond

Resin bonds are the most commonly used bond system for superabrasive grinding wheels. They are used for grinding all types of tungsten carbide tools, ceramics, glass, ferrites, refractories and semi-conductors. It offers good elasticity, superior surface finish and highly efficient grinding performance, all at an affordable price.

We offer two types of resin bond for diamond and CBN wheels: phenolic and polyimide resins. Depending on the demands of the application, however, polyimide bond wheels are made using a harder resin that can offer superior performance over phenolic resin bonds

Applications Include:
Special form wheels
Dental burrs
Reshaping CNC tools
polyimide min

Polymide Bond Diamond & CBN Wheels

Polyimide is a resin made to withstand high temperatures. Though manufactured in the same way as a standard resin in many ways, the pressing temperature is about 3 times that of resin bond offering pressing forces up to 5 times more. Eagle’s polyimide resin bond grinding wheels offer maximum grinding performance and excellent holding power, making them the bond of choice for CNC grinders. Polyimide bonds also offer a lower power requirement. This results in the ability to achieve higher material removal rates. Wet dressing is typically recommended.

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Core Offerings

Working with Eagle, you can expect to discuss your project with one of our highly-skilled, U.S.-based application engineers. Together, they will help identify and provide the grinding solution that best fits your unique needs and goals. Our manufacturing capabilities are second-to-none in the industry.