Vitrified Bond

Strong cutting performance and increased grinding speed. Remains wear-free by taking advantage of high thermal conductivity

Eagle’s Vitrified Bond

Vitrified bond grinding wheels are essential tools in precision grinding operations, renowned for their versatility and high performance. Composed of a mixture of finely ground abrasive grains, such as aluminum oxide or silicon carbide, and a vitrified or ceramic bond, these wheels offer exceptional strength and stability. The vitrification process involves heat-treating the bonded components, creating a rigid structure that enhances the wheel’s resistance to heat, wear, and mechanical stress. Vitrified bond grinding wheels are particularly well-suited for applications that demand precision and consistency, such as surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, and tool sharpening. Vitrified Bond Grinding wheels are widely used in industries ranging from metalworking and tool manufacturing to aerospace and automotive, providing efficient material removal and superior surface finishes. The inherent durability and thermal stability of vitrified bond grinding wheels make them essential tools for achieving high-quality results in a variety of grinding applications.

Vitrified Bond
Applications Include:
Grinding PCD/PCBN Tools
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Vitrified Bond Diamond & CBN Wheels

Vitrified bond grinding wheels are typically used for grinding PCD and PCBN tools, ceramics and semi-conductors.

The combination of the vitrified bonds high thermal stability and our ability to adjust the bond structure allows for a more efficient coolant delivery to the grinding area of contact. These quality’s are key components in providing long wheel life.

Vitrified bond wheels are extremely aggressive and free cutting. They provide excellent tool life, require less downtime for dressing and truing, are cool-cutting and are suitable for “lights out” high production grinding.

Vitrified bond CBN wheels are typically selected for grinding Camshafts and Crankshafts, internal and external grinding of cylinders, etc.

Lasts 100-300 times longer than other grinding wheels (non-CBN).
Removes heat when grinding.
Adaptable to various spindle speeds.

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Eagle’s VitTech ™ Wheels

The Eagle VitTEC™ vitrified bond diamond wheels are designed for a multitude of grinding applications.  Eagle VitTEC wheels are made in both Diamond and CBN, and are able to be custom-tailored to fit your specific material and grinding process.  Eagle VitTEC wheels are made for applications ranging from PCD/PCBN tool production and grinding of ceramics and composites, to magnets, semiconductor components, to camshaft and crankshaft grinding.


Prefect density due to proprietary (CIP) process

High thermal stability

Ability to be dressed on-board by diamond dressers for precise wheel forms

Porosity of the bond allows coolant to penetrate between the work piece and the wheel.

Better form retention compared to resin bond, easier to dress than metal bond


Increase stock removal rates

Improve edge quality of your tools

Increase dressing intervals

Improve cycle times

Can be tailored to meet your production requirements

What makes the VitTEC wheels so special?

While regular Vitrified bond grinding wheels are cold compacted in two dimensions only, this often results in an uneven density throughout the segment which in turn results in poor and inconsistent wheel performance. Eagle’s VitTEC wheel segments and rings are Cold Isostatic Pressed (CIP). CIP process absolutely guarantees that the segments will have perfect density throughout the part as the abrasive section is pressed evenly from every single side, angle and radii.

What kind of impact the Eagle VitTEC™ wheels could have on your production?

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