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Surface Grinding Wheels

Surface grinding wheels are used to produce smooth finishes on flat surfaces. Surface grinding is one of the most common grinding techniques. The process typically includes a grinding wheel that contains abrasive particles (CBN or diamond) that grinds the surface of the workpiece, resulting in the face being flat or smooth.

Our surface grinding wheels come in a variety of abrasive grains and can be manufactured on six different core materials as well as multiple bonds. The bond selection depends on the material being ground and the desired stock removal rate along with other factors such as whether coolant is used and the machine type.

Speak to one of our engineers to get a wheel designed for your specific application.


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Eagle’s Benefits

A surface grinding wheel from Eagle Superabrasives is a universal choice when working with difficult to grind materials that need rapid stock removal and precise tolerance.

Innovative resin bonds allow precise removal rates
Custom-made wheels for every application
Highest surface quality

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Worried that a stock wheel won’t cut it for your application? No worries! We manufacture custom wheels daily, and some of these wheels can ship in as little as seven days.

Surface Grinding Styles

As with any workplace and the operation involved, different grinding techniques are needed to achieve optimal results.

A surface grinding wheel can be used in two different ways for grinding.

Horizontal surface grinding – This style grinds by placing the edge of the wheel so that it is in contact with the workpiece. Horizontal grinders are typically used for high-precision work on simple flat surfaces, tapers, or angled surfaces.

Vertical surface grinding – The face of the grinding wheel (segment, cylinder, or cup) does the grinding. The workpiece typically sits on a rotary table allowing for an even grinding finish.

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An Industry Leader

With Decades of Experience

We offer standard diamond wheel shapes including top, face, and side grinding wheels.

Many custom-made specials in well over 3000 different combinations.

Vast inventory including triple grit and quad grit wheels, hybrid bond fluting wheels and gashing wheels.

Why Buy

From Eagle?

Always over 6,000 diamond and CBN wheels in stock for same-day shipment.

Custom grinding wheel options at no extra cost.

Our expert engineers have multiple years of hands on experience, equipping them with the knowledge  you need to find the perfect wheel.

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Trust the Experts

When you’re ready to try the best, trust the experts at Eagle Superabrasives. We offer unparalleled customer support and service.

With an extensive inventory of over 6,000 diamond, CBN and CDX wheels in stock at our North Carolina location, we are capable of shipping 90% of orders same day. Custom orders can be shipped in as little as seven days.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and excellent service. We offer technical support and advice to assist you along the way.

We look forward to meeting all of
your grinding wheel needs.

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