Testing Wheels

At Eagle Superabrasives, we are extremely proud of the wheels we sell.

We customize wheels specifically to achieve the best grinding performance for the application. Our wheels are proven to perform at the highest level, giving customers life and stock removal that other vendors’ standard wheels just can’t match.

We want you to test our wheels against what you are currently using, it is the best way for you to see what our wheels can do straight out of the box. Sometimes we may have to tweak the bond slightly or modify the diamond, ultimately, our aim is to improve your grinding or cutting operation.

Occasionally we are asked to provide test wheels free of charge — unfortunately we do NOT give away FREE wheels for testing. Our history has shown that if we send free test wheels, the customer has no incentive to get the wheel on the machine and we do not get feedback from testing. Instead of offering FREE test wheels, we offer a Guaranteed Trial Order program (GTO)

Guaranteed Trial Order

This was the best wheel I have ever received, best performing, best looking and best packaged.”

How A Guaranteed Trial Order Works.

We’re so confident that Eagle can increase the performance of your existing wheels that we’ll send you a wheel under the GTO program.

Note this order/invoice is 100% payable unless the wheel does not perform as expected.

Credit is only given if the following steps are followed **.

Testing must be performed within 30 days of receiving the wheel.

Please notify us if the test will go beyond 30 days — we cannot issue credit if the test exceeds 30 days or if the wheel was not tested using our parameters.

Provide a completed performance test report.

  • To qualify for the credit, we must receive your completed test report.
  • Test wheel returns require an RGA number.
  • Freight on test wheels will not be credited.
  • Contact your sales rep if you’d like us to request that we be onsite during testing.

** Note: Any credit is prorated according to the test wheels’ performance.

For example, if for some reason, the wheel only performs at 70% of your existing wheel’s capacity, you pay only 70% of the Performance Test Invoice.

Wheel Performance.

The following results come from actual customers who have tested our wheels — Eagle saved these companies and their bottom lines thousands of dollars compared to their previous manufacturing feed rates and speeds.

We were able to reduce the total run time by almost 40% (from 22 minutes to 14 minutes) and extend truing intervals by 4x (from 50 parts to 200 parts). With the competitor’s wheels, we were sticking after every five parts. With the new Eagle wheels, we do not have to stick wheels (only after truing to open it up).”

Eagle Wheel Competitor’s Wheel
Wheel Life 10 Weeks 2 weeks
Tips Ground 300,000 160,000


For the same wheel cost, we were able to increase production from the wheel by 500%.”

We are confident that we can improve your diamond wheel performance — and your profits. Our engineers have an excellent track record of fine-tuning bonds for your wheels. Even if we don’t find the perfect bond the first time, each test should significantly improve your wheel performance.

Testing Process Basics

  • Run your existing wheel according to your specified parameters
  • Provide feedback on the performance of your wheel
  • Run one of Eagle’s wheels at Eagles recommended Parameters***

DO NOT remove the wheel from the machine until contacting us.

We WILL ask the operator to adjust parameters while the wheel is still on the machine just to see if we can improve the performance.

*** Note: – Our wheels don’t always run at the same speeds as other suppliers — if we specify a certain feed rate or RPM, that’s the baseline for improving and achieving the wheel’s ultimate performance.

Give Eagle the chance to reduce your cycle time and improve your profitability.

We hope you’ll accept the challenge to test one of our wheels. Remember, ultimately, we want to improve your ability to grind faster and be more efficient.