We provide an innovative line of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) and Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN) products.

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Eagle’s PCD / PCBN

PCD and PCBN blanks and compacts work great in a broad range of milling, turning and machining applications.

PCD & PCBN blanks can dramatically reduce your machining costs by:
Consistently providing the hardest cutting edge available
Proving more wear-resistant than other carbide-based materials
Improving overall efficiency and quality by reducing tedious setup times and the need to frequently change tooling

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Photo of PCD compacts and Cut Pieces

Features of PCD/PCBN Cutters

High hardness can be 8-12 times higher than carbide tools.
Life will be 50 – 200 times longer than carbide tools
High thermal conductivity – PCD/PCBN cutters have a fast heat transfer rate
Low friction coefficient  – PCD/PCBN cutters can decrease the cutting force
Thermal expansion coefficient of PCD/PCBN only 1/5 of carbide tools, so they have less thermal deformation and high machining precision.
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Differences in PCD & PCBN Cutters

PCD:Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters
Used for nonferrous metal and non-metallic material.
They have good cutting performance and effect for copper, aluminum, manganese, gold, silver, magnesium, titanium.
Used for machining wear-resistant non-metallic material, such as wood, ceramic, graphite, nylon, plastic, etc.
PCBN- Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride Cutters
Used for machining ferrous metal
Especially suitable for machining kinds of hardened steel, pearlite green cast iron, chilled cast-iron, superalloy and other materials that not lower than 50HRC.

Eagle’s PCD

PCD is a composite of diamond particles that are sintered under extreme pressure and temperatures to create a variety of products that are particularly suitable for cutting tools of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials, including the wear parts of various equipment.

PCD-tipped tools are ideal for cutting abrasive and wear-resistant materials, including:
Aluminum & Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)
Carbon Fiber
Composite Panels
Custom Composite Materials

Eagle’s PCBN

PCBN products got through a very similar manufacturing process, but CBN particles are used in place of diamond, making PCBN ideal for ferrous materials – typically a form of steel – used in cutting, drilling and milling tools.

Both PCD and PCBN show excellent wear characteristics and offer unparalleled performance in terms of thermal hardiness, toughness and stability over the life of the toughest projects.

In Need of Compacts?

Eagle is here to help you beat costly lead times — saving you time and money.

For your custom PCD & PCBN compact needs, we offer same-day shipments to participants of our inventory program with no minimum stocking requirements in most cases.

Eager to learn more about our PCD and PCBN products? Looking to make a change in your overall production and bottom-line?

Contact your Eagle representative today to discover solutions tailor-made to meet the demands of your toughest jobs.

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We offer standard diamond wheel shapes including top, face, and side grinding wheels.

Many custom-made specials in well over 3000 different combinations.

Vast inventory including triple grit and quad grit wheels, hybrid bond fluting wheels and gashing wheels.

Why Buy

From Eagle?

Always over 6,000 diamond and CBN wheels in stock for same-day shipment.

Custom grinding wheel options at no extra cost.

Our expert engineers have multiple years of hands on experience, equipping them with the knowledge  you need to find the perfect wheel.

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When you’re ready to try the best, trust the experts at Eagle Superabrasives. We offer unparalleled customer support and service.

With an extensive inventory of over 6,000 diamond, CBN and CDX wheels in stock at our North Carolina location, we are capable of shipping 90% of orders same day. Custom orders can be shipped in as little as seven days.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products and excellent service. We offer technical support and advice to assist you along the way.

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