Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry relies on some of the toughest tools and mining equipment parts in the world.

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Oil & Gas Applications

At Eagle Superabrasives, we manufacture grinding wheels tailor-made for the unique grinding demands of the oil and gas industry. Our diamond grinding wheels help customers with applications from HVOF to hard facing.

Eagle is a leading supplier of diamond wheels to the mining and downhole drilling industry. Some of the materials and applications that our customers use for our wheels every day include Hard Facing, HVOF, Buttons or Inserts, and more.

Superior Wheels For:
Hard Facing
Gate Valves
Buttons or Inserts
Gage Bricks

Grinding Wheels for the Oil & Gas Industry

Working with extremely difficult-to-grind thermal spray coatings and other super-hard materials is a challenging task- but our diamond grinding wheels are up to the challenge.

Our proprietary superabrasive bonds are specifically developed for grinding hard-faced coatings, plasma spray, and hard-welded alloys. Our DP-1 bond is specifically designed to perform under the extreme stresses that grinding thermal spray coatings cause.

With a DP-1 bonded wheel, you can count on rapid stock removal, durability, and a quality surface finish.

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DP-1 Bond – Diamond Grinding Wheels from Eagle Superabrasives grind even the toughest HVOF coatings with three times the wheel life of our competitors.

The DP-1 Bond is the perfect choice for customers searching for:

  • Exceptional wheel life and performance under extreme stress
  • Rapid stock removal with a smooth finish
  • Elite performance

Grinding PCD Drill Bits

VitTEC Vit. Bond Wheels

Eagle’s proprietary VitTEC diamond and CBN wheels are made for operators looking for more out of their vitrified diamond grinding wheels. What sets our VitTEC wheels apart from other vitrified diamond & CBN wheels is a process called “Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP)”. While ordinary vitrified wheels are only pressed from two dimensions, ours are evenly pressed from every single side, angle, and radii during the CIP process, guaranteeing our wheel segments have consistent density throughout the abrasive section.

As a result, our VitTEC grinding wheels for the oil and gas industry provide several advantages over our competition, including:

  • High thermal stability
  • Dress while mounted to achieve precise wheel forms that last longer, lengthening the time between re-dressings
  • Porous bond helps coolant remove heat from contact point & allow for increased stock removal
  • Improved edge quality of tools
  • Reduced cycle times
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