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Brant says “I much prefer your wheels than anyone else that I have dealt with!”


John said “Just wanted to let you know the special cup wheel works great, ya’ll are wheel design geniuses.!”


Tim said “…..I’m very pleased with the performance of your wheel. I will order more wheels as I need them. Truly a quality product! Thank you!”


Eaven Says…

So far with the wheels that I have ordered:

  • 3mm X 75mm Diamond Fluting wheel – This wheel is a beast I have only good things to say about it. 100% satisfied
  • 100mm X 10mm CBN – This wheel along with my programing has done exactly what I have set out to do with it. All in all this wheel will save us thousands of dollars a year. 1000% satisfied. I want to talk to you about redesigning this wheel for another purpose along with what we are doing now.
  • The three 125mm X 6mm cylindrical grinding wheels. – These wheels have performed exactly as I expected. 100% satisfied
  • All the diamond 1A1 wheels for the manual machine. – All have performed exactly as I expected. 100% satisfied
  • All the diamond 11A2 wheels for the manual machine. – All have performed as I expected. 100% satisfied
  • 2mm and 3mm wide metal bond 1A1 wheels. – These wheels get the job done. 100% satisfied

Bill said “Good morning, Just a note to let you know Eagle Super Abrasives is one of the best suppliers I have ever worked with. Your employees are all great and you always have what I need.

Thank you for helping us do what we do.


Susan said “We received your wheel-Thank you! Everything looks very nice, actually beautiful, and we look forward to having it tested!”


Deanna said “We are excited about the Make and Hold agreement. An agreement like this will allow our shop run smoother and gives us peace of mind that we won’t have machines down.”


Consistency in the wheels is the main indicator of the quality of the Eagle wheels.

Joe Q.

My sales rep is very accessible, I like the way we work together.

Happy G. Lucky

I’m very happy with the Pro 2 wheel, It blows away my 3M wheel

John Doe