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We are one of the USA’s premier superabrasive suppliers. We offer a complete range of diamond wheels, CBN wheels, and CDX wheels, covering a wide range of industries.

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Eagle Superabrasives is the premier supplier of high-performance Diamond, CBN, and CDX grinding wheels. We offer a complete range of products for a vast number of industries.

Even though we consider ourselves experts in Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, we also believe that we are partners in profitability with each company with which we work. We strive to find a solution to each issue while finding the most cost-efficient product for our customer’s bottom line.

We do not believe in the “One Size Fits All” philosophy. We work directly with companies to find the ideal wheel for their application. With thousands of different combinations possible, we want to work with you to find the correct bond, abrasive, and core material to positively impact your productivity and profitability.