Increased efficiency. Reduced waste. Customized solutions.

“For the same wheel cost as our previous manufacturer, we were able to increase production by 500% using Eagle’s grinding wheels.” – Wes P.

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Michael Comer, Applications Engineer, Eagle Superabrasives

“Partners in profitability…”

Michael gives a quick, step-by-step overview explaining what our quote process looks like and the information you’ll need to provide.

Is your current grinding wheel…

Consistently underperforming?
Not lasting as expected?
Hurting your bottom line?
Lacking technical support?

High Performance Wheels

When it comes to delivering top-quality grinding wheels, we don’t compromise. Eagle offers a wide range of abrasives, bonds, and core options. From start to finish, an application engineer will be by your side.

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What successes have our customers experienced?


Customer produced 4xs more product by extending truing intervals with Eagle wheels.


After switching to Eagle, this company was able to increase production by 500%.


Manufacturer reduced run time by 40%, speeding up productivity and increasing profits.

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Extend the life of your investment by using the best abrasive for your grinding needs.


Does your current grinding wheel supplier update you about new bonds?


Inventory Solutions

Supply chain issues will be a thing of the past with our unique “Make and Hold” program.

  • Consistent replenishment
  • Seamless transitions
  • Peace of mind

Serving Multiple Industries

Not sure which grinding wheel you need?

You aren’t alone.

Choosing the best diamond or CBN wheel for your specific application can seem confusing. What you need from a grinding wheel manufacturer is expertise and dedicated support.

That’s why we provide:
No-pressure, free consultations.
Customized grinding wheel solutions
A direct line to an Applications Engineer
Care, service, collaboration, and responsiveness

Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding Wheels

The most challenging projects demand high-quality tools that reputable suppliers have designed and perfected. Our Eagle Superabrasives team proudly offers industry-leading grinding wheel solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. We carry custom-made diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels and a wide inventory of dicing blades, ensuring you can satisfy your business’s needs. Whether you require just a few or many plated grinding wheel products, our Eagle Superabrasives team has the right solutions for you. Feel free to browse our selection of diamond and cubic boron nitride grinding wheels today, or contact our friendly team for additional assistance finding the ideal tools for your needs.

Meet our team of Application Engineers…