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What are Grinding Wheels?

A grinding wheel is an abrasive cutting tool used in machinery operations across various industries to cut, slice, or refine extremely hard materials. Comprised of a bond and superabrasive, grinding…

Grit Size: Impact on the Grinding Process

Choosing the right grinding wheel for your application requires that you not only consider the material you are grinding, but also the processes you are implementing. Wheel speed, material removal…

Electroplated Grinding Wheels 101

Electroplated grinding wheels are composed of two layers. Unlike the traditional grinding wheel which includes a mediary transition layer, electroplated wheels contain only the base and working layers. The base…

Improving the Performance of a CBN Grinding Wheel

CBN grinding wheels utilize the synthetic abrasive cubic boron nitride to easily grind tough, ferrous materials like high speed tool steel. However, even superabrasives dull and wear over time, and…

Aluminum Oxide vs CBN: What is the difference?

When selecting the components of a grinding wheel one must carefully consider the many abrasive options available. Depending on your grinding operation, material specifications, and desired removal rates you will…

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