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Case Studies

Strobe Grinding Wheel – 5X Better.

Machine – Wright Strobe Grinder Wheel – 4A1P Stock Removal – .030″ Wheel Life Leading Competitors Wheel – 2 weeks Eagle SuperAbrasives Wheel – 10 Weeks Machine – Wright Strobe…
Case Studies

Facing Grinding Increased by 25%

Machine – UTMA AP800 Facer Wheel – 12V2 Stock Removal – .020″ Tips Ground Leading Competitors wheel = 40,000 tips Eagle SuperAbrasives Wheel = 50,000 tips.
Case Studies

Cost Per Tip Topping reduced by 25%

Machine – Vollmer CP200 Wheel – 6A9 Stock removal – .1mm Traverse Rate – 4mm/sec Cost Per Tip  – Leading Competitors Wheel = $.0031 Eagle SuperAbrasives Wheel = $.0025
Case Studies

Fluting Time reduced – 4:00 to 2:30

Machine – ANCA Fast Grind MG7 HP = 5 Stock removal .216″ Proflute 2 versus 3M polybond wheel Traverse rate Their wheel, 3.5″/min. – Our Wheel, 6.3″/Min. Tools ground before…
Case Studies

Reduced Fluting time by 22 minutes

Eagle Pro Flute 2 versus Tyrolit Startec Wheel Machine – Walter Helitronic Mini Power 35HP Wheel 1V1 -45 Fluting Tool – 25mm 6 flute Form Cutter Competitors wheel federate –…
Case Studies

Fluting time reduced by 73%

Radiac BX703 versus Pro Flute 1 Machine Walter Helitronic Mini Power – 13HP – 1V1 – 45 degree – 1/2″ 5 flute endmill Feedrate – Radiac Wheel 2″/minute ….Eagle wheel…
Case Studies

Should I Use Coolant on Grinding Wheels?

Although resin bond wheels may be used dry, the use of coolant will increase efficiency and greatly extend wheel life. Flood coolant is recommended where possible. Always ensure that coolant…

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