Cutoff Wheel

    Applications: Cut Off, Profiling, Notching, Grooving, Chip Breaker Flutes, Dicing, Slicing

    Bond Availability: Phenol, Polyimide, Hybrid, Electro-chemical

    Available in: Diamond, CBN

    Size Availability: ½” – 27″


    Cutoff Wheel

    Used for many applications such as cutoff, ECG cutoff, profiling, notching, grooving, slicing and dicing, we have a large inventory of cutoff wheels of all shapes and sizes.
    From the standard 6 and 8″ cutoff wheels all the way down to 1″ and 2″ wheels.

    • Stock cutoff wheels can be as thin as .005″.
    • Diamond or CBNDSC_0429
    • Long life
    • Aggressive cutting
    • Wet or Dry cutting formulas
    • Available for ECG grinding
    • Can be custom made for your application