Gate Valves

Grinding gate valves can be a challenge without the correct tools for the job. Eagle Superabrasives manufactures and supplies superabrasive wheels that exceed the industry standard. We keep a minimum of 6,000 wheels in stock and create custom diamond wheels without any extra cost to you, ensuring that you have the correct superabrasive for the job. We ship orders same day and custom orders in less than seven days.


The oil and gas industry use gate valves frequently. Gate valves are used to control the flow of fluids and gases. They are very rarely used to regulate the flow, but more commonly to either shut off flow or allowing the maximum amount of gas and oil with an unobstructed flow. One of the most important physical properties that a gate valve must have is a perfectly flat surface. The surface must be perfectly flat or form a proper seal ensuring no leaks. Getting the perfect flat surface on a gate valve is complex due to the material being composed of tungsten carbide coating.


To grind to the perfect flat surface needed for proper sealing gate valves, an even harder material must be used. Eagle Superabrasives supplies diamond wheels that generate the proper flatness required. We understand how critical it is to keep the flow of oil and gases going in the downhole industry. For any second a pipe is down due to maintenance, money and productivity is lost. Our diamond wheels are custom made and designed to increase productivity, by limiting the breakdown of the wheel to due to poor bonds.


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