What is HVOF Grinding?

Eagle Superabrasives is a premier supplier of diamond wheels and other superabrasive products. With an extensive inventory of over 6,000 diamond, cdx and cbn wheels, perfect for HVOF coated surfaces, in stock at our Hickory, North Carolina location, we are able to ship ninety-percent of orders same-day. Custom orders can be shipped in as little as seven days!


What is HVOF?

High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel, or HVOF for short, is a thermal spray coating used to improve or restore an object’s surface properties or dimensions. By applying this coating to tools, it significantly increases the erosion and wear resistance, bringing upon a much longer work life.


Utilizing these coating techniques allows the application of coating materials such as alloys, metals and ceramics with an exceptional hardness. Benefits of HVOF coating on your tools and materials include: reduced cost, improved performance, enables components to operate in extreme high and low temperatures, and best of all an improved life!


While all of these benefits improve the tool and its purpose, grinding, sharpening and maintaining these tools becomes a challenge when HVOF coating is applied. You will need a superabrasive wheel to maintain HVOF coating. At Eagle Superabrasives we offer diamond wheels and many other superabrasive wheels to choose from that allow for the maintenance of HVOF coated materials and tools.


Trust the experts

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