Saw & Tool Grinding Diamond Wheels


Wheel Design Geniuses

John said “Just wanted to let you know the special cup wheel works great, ya’ll are wheel design geniuses.!”  


“Truly a quality product”

Tim said “…..I’m very pleased with the performance of your wheel. I will order more wheels as I need them. Truly a quality product! Thank you!


“I much prefer your wheels”

Brant says “I much prefer your wheels than anyone else that I have dealt with!”


This wheel is a beast…..

Eaven Says…… So far with the wheels that I have ordered;   3mm X 75mm Diamond Fluting wheel This wheel is a beast I have only good things to say about it. 100% satisfied   100mm X 10mm CBN This wheel along with my programing has done exactly what I have set out to do […]


One of the Best Suppliers I have ever worked with.

Bill said “Good morning, Just a note to let you know Eagle Super Abrasives is one of the best suppliers I have ever worked with. Your employees are all great and you always have what I need. Thank you for helping us do what we do.


Great Looking Wheel

Susan said “We received your wheel-Thank you! Everything looks very nice, actually beautiful, and we look forward to having it tested!”


Case Studies

Fluting Time reduced – 4:00 to 2:30

Machine – ANCA Fast Grind MG7 HP = 5 Stock removal .216″ Proflute 2 versus 3M polybond wheel Traverse rate Their wheel, 3.5″/min. – Our Wheel, 6.3″/Min. Tools ground before Dressing Their Wheel, 12 – Our Wheel, 130 Cycle Time Their Wheel, 4 minutes – Our Wheel 2:30 minutes


Knocked off almost 40% of the run time

“After successful test of fluting, we converted all wheels necessary to grind this tool to Eagle wheels and were able to knock off almost 40% of the run time (from 22 min. to 14 min.) and extend truing intervals by 4x (from 50 parts to 200 parts). Also, the wheels virtually do not have to […]


Reduced Fluting time by 22 minutes

Eagle Pro Flute 2 versus Tyrolit Startec Wheel Machine – Walter Helitronic Mini Power 35HP Wheel 1V1 -45 Fluting Tool – 25mm 6 flute Form Cutter Competitors wheel federate – 1.5″/Min…… Eagle Wheel Feedrate 6.0″/Minute Tools ground before Dressing – Tyrolit – 50 pcs……Pro Flute 2 – 100 pcs Cycle Time – Tyrolit – 31:00 […]


Fluting time reduced by 73%

Radiac BX703 versus Pro Flute 1 Machine Walter Helitronic Mini Power – 13HP – 1V1 – 45 degree – 1/2″ 5 flute endmill Feedrate – Radiac Wheel 2″/minute ….Eagle wheel 8″/minute Cycle Time – Radiac Wheel 4:47….Eagle Wheel 1:18  


Fluting Wheel 10 minutes off cycle time

Evan said “Hey that little pro flute 3 wheel (51051) I bought from you guys is really kicking butt. I cut over 10 minutes off of my total cycle time and could push it a lot more if I wanted. You hit a home run with this one.”  


1V1 Cycle time – 55 min. to 25 min.

Glenn said that the 44007 1V1/15 wheel has reduced his cycle time from 55 minutes to 25 minutes on a 6 flute tool. Says the wheel has knocked everything else out of the park.  


Decades of experience in the wood industry helped us create the right diamond wheel for the job.

  • We offer all of the standard diamond wheel shapes including top, face, and side grinding wheels
  • Many custom-made specials in well over 3000 different combinations.
  • Vast inventory including triple grit and quad grit wheels
  • Hybrid bond fluting wheels and gashing wheels.


Why Buy From Us?

  • Always over 5000 diamond and CBN wheels in stock for same-day shipment
  • We ship until 5 pm EST
  • Custom made diamond wheels at no extra cost
  • Expert product consultants with many years of hands-on experience
  • Tens of thousands of repeat customers
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