CBN Grinding Wheels

CBN is a man-made material that rivals the hardness of diamonds. The chemical structure between Diamond and CBN are different. CBN is able to grind away ferrous materials with ease because the borazon atoms do not chemically react with the ferrous materials. Diamond, however, is not able to machine ferrous materials because if high temperatures.

Borazon is a brand name of a cubic form of borazon nitride (cBN). This gives CBN Grinding Wheels their color: black, brown, or gold depending on the bond that is used to adhere the wheel to the core.

The only limiting factor for CBN Grinding Wheels is that the bond holding the wheel doesn’t last forever. It begins to erode and lose grip on the CBN particle after years of use.

At Eagle Superabrasives, we take pride in our wheel lineup. Our chemists and engineers have formulated superior bonds that are sure to last as long as possible.

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