Nancy Fritz

Nancy has been encouraging our customers since 2010 to maintain a good credit score by keeping their account current.

She would like to be listening to the waves at the beach or splendor of the mountains, but a good legal thriller by John Grisham, or a crime fiction by Lee Child occupies a lot of her free time.

Experimenting with recipes are a fun pastime when not attending investment club, book club, or Foot-candle films.

She loves to hike when the weather is warmer and it is not raining, but we haven’t seen much of that lately.

Nancy’s twitter account is kneebreaker2, so she is not taking her job lightly.

Her work goal is to have an honest answer from the customer, and usually finds that is what she receives.

Don’t tell her anything that is not True, honest, or a good report, and maybe you will hear the smile on her face.

Nancy Fritz Accounts receivable