Other Industries


Eagle Superabrasives, Inc. is a diverse company, capable of producing diamond and CBN wheels for many industries.

We have vast experience in making wheels for the oil and gas industry, for grinding HVOF coatings, Thermal Spray Coatings, glass cutting, composite cutting, tool grinding, ceramic grinding, PCB, PCBN, Slicing and dicing circuit boards, Silicon wafer cutting. Carbide grinding, end mill grinding. Electro-chemical cut-off and Electro-chemical surface grinding. Gemstone grinding, grinding HSS, tool steel grinding, aero-space alloy grinding, cold saw grinding, TCT tipped saw grinding. Profile grinding, grooving, and slot grinding broach grinding, surface grinding, centerless grinding, flute grinding, insert grinding, thread grinding, etc. If the wheel is made from Diamond or CBN and is under 700mm Diameter, we can help.

At Eagle Superabrasives Inc. you will always talk to a person. We don’t believe in voicemail during business hours. We have no automated answering system. Just call 800-417-7617 and talk to a knowledgeable superabrasive specialist who will make recommendations for your application. They will be able to quote you immediately and will process your order in one quick and easy phone call.

We custom make literally tens of thousands of wheels per year for unique applications in our 160,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.