HVOF Coating

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We keep an extensive inventory of over 6,000 diamond, CBN and CDX wheels in stock, many of which are perfect for grinding HVOF coatings.

What Is HVOF Coating?

Coating with HVOF (high velocity oxy-fuel) is a thermal spraying technique in which melted or heated materials are sprayed onto a surface. Thermal spraying materials can provide thick coatings that range from 20-micron to several millimeters if needed.With such a high density and added thickness, maintenance and grinding of HVOF-coated surfaces require the toughness and superior performance of superabrasive wheels.

At Eagle Superabrasives, we are constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of diamond and CBN grinding wheels. Our chemists and engineers have developed diamond wheels tailor-made to grind HVOF-coated materials with ease.

Which Materials Can Use a HVOF Coating?

HVOF is used on materials such as:

  • metals
  • alloys
  • ceramics
  • composites.

These coatings are typically used to deposit wear- and corrosion-resistant coatings on materials that are going to be used in jobs that are particularly tough on parts, in industries such as the oil and gas industry.


Which Are the Different Types of HVOF Sprays?

HVOF sprays vary depending on the fuel used.  This fuel can be hydrogen, natural gas or kerosene.

The oxygen source, whether pure or a compressed air feed, is another variant considered when determining the type of spray to use.

HVAOF Applications

HVOF coatings can be utilized in many areas of various industries:

  • aerospace
  • compressor repair
  • pump repair
  • paper mills
  • oil fields for downhole mandrels
  • valve repair
  • chemical plant
  • maritime applications

all utilized HVOF for various parts.

Advantages of HVOF Coatings

Utilizing the advantages of HVOF coating allows for:

  • higher performance
  • less maintenance of the part being hardened.

HVOF is ideal for coating large components and has a relatively cool coating process.

HVOF is widely used for the production of high-quality, wear-resistant coatings of carbide, stellite, as well as “MCrAIY” coatings. MCrAIY stands for Metals (nickel, cobalt, iron or a combination), Cr (chromium), Al (aluminum) and Y (yttrium).

The coatings are so hard that superabrasive wheels are required in order to grind them down to the proper shape, size and consistency.

HVOF Coating Quality

HVOF Coating Quality is usually judged by measuring the:

  • porosity
  • oxide content
  • macro and micro-hardness
  • bond strength
  • surface roughness.

The higher the quality of coating the more corrosion resistant it becomes on materials with ceramic and metallic layers. The HVOF coating process produces a much superior bond strength and coating density compared to other thermal spraying techniques.

HVOF Grinding Wheels by Eagle Superabrasives

Due to HVOF coating being so effective in producing corrosion-resistant and stronger materials, grinding becomes much more difficult. That is where superabrasive wheels from Eagle Superabrasives come into play.

Our HVOF Grinding Wheels are made to order and built with the thought of HVOF coatings in mind. We take the hardest superabrasive known and combine it with six different core materials. We bond them together with our proprietary bonding system, ensuring the quality and life of the wheel are superior to competitors.

Grinding HVOF coated materials becomes much easier with fewer wheel changes and dressings. Saving you time and money!

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