Electroplated Wheels

Since 1995, we have designed, engineered, and manufactured high precision Electroplated Diamond and CBN grinding wheels.

With a single layer Electroplated Bond System, abrasive grains are attached to wheel cores with a very strong Nickel Matrix Coating that chemically and physically attaches the Diamond or CBN to the wheel body.

Electroplated wheels offer many advantages over other types of grinding wheels:

  • Very aggressive stock removal due to an extremely high concentration of abrasive particles that coat the entire grinding area of the wheel and abrasive grit exposure.
  • Electroplated wheels do not require dressing or sticking open, and never load up like a resin bond wheel. This is essential for optimal grinding.
  • Electroplated bonds hold their profile for the life of the wheel. Perfect for intricate profile grinding.
  • Our wheels are the most economical superabrasives you can buy. They are great for short production grinding.
  • EAGLE Electroplated wheels are the product of choice for composite cutting and machining, foundry de-burring, profile grinding, medical tool manufacturing, electronics, and aerospace industries.