Electroplated Wheels

At Eagle Superabrasives Inc, we design, engineer and manufacture high precision electroplated Diamond and CBN wheels.

With a single layer Electroplated bond system, the abrasive grains are attached to the wheel core by very strong Nickel matrix coating that chemically and physically attaches the Diamond or cBN to the wheel body.

electroplated wheels

Electroplated wheels offer many advantages over other types of grinding wheels.

  • Very aggressive stock removal due to an extremely high concentration of abrasive particles that coat the whole grinding area of the wheel and very aggressive abrasive grit exposure. In tests, we found that with our unique coating process, we are able to provide up to a 65% of the abrasive crystal exposed to the work piece.
  • Electroplated wheel do not require dressing or sticking open and never load up like a resin bond wheel. Essential for high production grinding.
  • Electroplated wheels are 80% recyclable, the cores can be returned to us and the old abrasive stripped off and new abrasive material is re-applied. Great for the environment.
  • Electroplated bonds hold their profile for the life of the wheel. Perfect for intricate profile grinding.
  • Typically the most economical superabrasive tool you can buy. Great for short production run grinding.
  • Electroplated wheels are the product of choice for Composite cutting and machining, foundry de-burring, Profile grinding, medical tool manufacturing, electronics industry and aerospace industries.


Wheel Design Geniuses

John said “Just wanted to let you know the special cup wheel works great, ya’ll are wheel design geniuses.!”  


“Truly a quality product”

Tim said “…..I’m very pleased with the performance of your wheel. I will order more wheels as I need them. Truly a quality product! Thank you!


“I much prefer your wheels”

Brant says “I much prefer your wheels than anyone else that I have dealt with!”


This wheel is a beast…..

Eaven Says…… So far with the wheels that I have ordered;   3mm X 75mm Diamond Fluting wheel This wheel is a beast I have only good things to say about it. 100% satisfied   100mm X 10mm CBN This wheel along with my programing has done exactly what I have set out to do […]


One of the Best Suppliers I have ever worked with.

Bill said “Good morning, Just a note to let you know Eagle Super Abrasives is one of the best suppliers I have ever worked with. Your employees are all great and you always have what I need. Thank you for helping us do what we do.


Great Looking Wheel

Susan said “We received your wheel-Thank you! Everything looks very nice, actually beautiful, and we look forward to having it tested!”