Maintaining Downhole Tools with Diamond Wheels

Downhole tools are of the utmost importance when it comes to the oil and mining industry. The quality of downhole tools is key when comes to facing the difficult and technically challenging risks that companies face when discovering oil and minerals. If the downhole tool is unreliable or in poor condition, it’s not as simple as repairing in a matter of minutes. The whole tool must be removed from the deep hole it has drilled. Each passing minute of downtime cost the company thousands of dollars in lost productivity. To battle this conflict, many downhole tools have been built to be virtually indestructible. While they may be indestructible, they do need to be maintained. Diamond wheels are the perfect solution.


Why Choose Eagle Superabrasives Diamond Wheels for Downhole Tools?

Our Diamond wheels are perfect for working with difficult to grind materials such as downhole tools due to our proprietary bonding. Our chemists and engineers work constantly in developing strong and durable bonds that can withstand the task of maintaining downhole tools. Eagle Superabrasives is a leading supplier of diamond wheels to the oil and mining industry. Offering the strongest bonds in the industry and the least amount of downtime. Eagle Superabrasives is a one-stop-shop to maximizing your business’s production and keeping the flow of oil and cash throughout the entire process.

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