Diamond Wheels and how they will increase productivity

Grinding is mainly used as a finishing process, but also as a process with high material removal rates, in contemporary industries. The efficiency of grinding is heavily influenced on the quality of tools used, namely, the grinding wheels. Diamond wheels are a large part of this process and the quest for better quality tools drive trends toward the overall improvement of the process.


Eagle Superabrasives, is a premier supplier and manufacturer of diamond wheel, located in the United States. With an extensive inventory of over 6,000 diamond wheel, cdx wheels and cbn wheels in stock, we are able to ship most orders in as little as a day. Custom orders can be shipped in as little as seven days.


Diamond Wheels

Diamond wheel bring many advantages to the work place when implemented correctly. Diamond wheels are used for grinding difficult to grind (DTG) materials. Common materials that can be ground with diamond wheels such as Tungsten Carbide tipped tools, gemstones, concrete – the list goes on. Due to diamond being the hardest material known to man, it’s ideal to use it for materials that need the hardest material to cut it. Our diamond wheels will outperform and outlast our competitors because of their in-house, one size fits all generic bonds that make up their wheels. Diamond wheels typically lose performance when the bond degrades. Our bonds have been developed and engineered in house by our chemist and engineers to guarantee the quality of cut, life and dependability of our wheels.


Trust the diamond wheels expert

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