CBN Borazon Wheel

The Borazon wheel gets its name from the Borazon crystal, one of the hardest known materials available alongside diamonds and boron nitride. It was first produced in 1957 by General Electric physical chemist Robert Wentorf. By heating equal parts of boron and nitrogen beyond 1800 degrees Celsius, the resulting crystal can either black, brown or gold in color.

What Is a CBN Borazon Wheel?

cbn borazon wheelBorazon is a brand name of a cubic form of borazon nitride (CBN).

Borazon gives CBN Wheels a color tint that can range from black to brown and even gold depending on the bond that was used on the wheel to adhere the superabrasive to the core.

CBN is a man-made material that rivals the hardness of diamond and even has the same crystal structure as diamond.

The biggest difference between Diamond and CBN is seen atomically in the crystal structure itself. Diamond crystal structure, bonds between carbon atoms whereas CBN replaces the carbon atoms with borazon atoms.

The reason that CBN is such a superior superabrasive is due to this difference in the atoms of the crystal. Diamond is not as efficient machining ferrous materials because the carbon atoms chemically react with the carbon in the material being worked on. CBN Borazon Wheels are able to grind away ferrous materials with ease because the borazon atoms do not chemically react with the ferrous materials.

Although Diamond may be the hardest material, it doesn’t always remain hard under high temperatures. At around 700 degrees, Diamond begins to break down and lose its hardness. CBN, however, keeps its hardness, even when machining temperatures exceed 1,000 degrees! With the high thermal stability of a CBN borazon wheel, high speed grinding is not  problem.

What Are CBN Borizon Wheel’s Applications

Borazon grinding wheels are used in a variety of modern industrial applications.

The wheels are routinely used to cut hard metals, nickel-base alloys and even cast iron. They can grind a greater amount of material, at a higher degree of precision, than any other known abrasive.

And Borazon grinding wheels are ideal for cutting glass and diamonds because they can withstand temperatures higher than two thousand degrees Celsius while maintaining a high level of precision.

How often should I replace my CBN Borazon Wheel?

CBN Borazon wheels are such a superior product, that the only limiting factor of the life of the wheel is the bond that holds the superabrasive to the core. The breakdown of the wheel occurs when the bond, begins to erode and loses its grip on the cBN particle, tearing the cBN out.

However, as cBN is removed, new particles of cBN are exposed, continuing the grinding effectiveness of the wheel. Our superabrasive wheel lineup contain bonds that are formulated in house by our chemist and engineers.

We pride ourselves in the superior strength of our bonds and our team of chemist and engineers are constantly developing and testing new bonds to ensure the integrity of our wheels. If you would like to read more about CBN Borazon Wheels click here.

What Is the Productivity of CBN Borazon Wheels Like?

CBN Borazon wheels enhance the capability of the machines themselves. The CBN Borazon wheels provide increased productivity and higher operating efficiency.

Due to their longer wheel life and minimal wear compared to conventional wheels, machines stay in operation longer between wheel changes and need minimal adjustments while in operation. The materials being worked on are also of higher quality when ground with a borazon grinding wheel. Using Borazon prevents thermal damage while resulting in better finishes and improved consistency.

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