Truing a Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheel

cbn wheelsDiamond and CBN grinding wheels are the leading superabrasives available today. Eagle Superabrasives expertly manufactures both daily, and stocks over 6,000 wheels in our North Carolina headquarters, making us one of the leading suppliers of superabrasives in the United States.

Both diamond and CBN grinding wheels are such superior abrasives, that the break down of the wheels is almost exclusively due to the bond wearing down.  This is why it is important to choose a wheel manufacturer that specializes in bonds in order to squeeze the most performance possible out of the bond.

Eagle Superabrasives employees chemists and engineers with countless years of experience perfecting our bond systems, ensuring that our wheels last longer and cut more effectively than our competitors.

Beyond the quality of the bond itself, maintaining diamond wheels through proper dressing and truing can make all the difference in wheel performance and longevity.

For more on how to properly dress a grinding wheel, please watch the instructional video below:


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