CBN Grinding Wheels for High Speed Grinding

Abrasion resistance and hardness are very important properties of an abrasive grinding wheel. Both Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels are almost equal in hardness, but due to the makeup of CBN particles, cBN becomes the superior abrasive product when grinding ferrous metals.

CBN Grinding Wheels

The crystal structure of Diamond and CBN is very similar. However, there is a difference that comes into effect at high temperatures. CBN has the same crystal structure but varies slightly, boron-nitrogen replaces the carbon-carbon bonds that are seen in diamond. This makes CBN less reactive at high temperatures. The biggest factor that makes CBN great for high temperatures is that it does not contain carbon, so it doesn’t react with a metal group the way that diamond does.

High-Speed Grinding

CBN Grinding Wheels are ideal for high-speed grinding in ferrous metals. High-speed grinding creates high temperatures in the grinding zone, causing the super abrasive particles to heat. Unlike diamond, however, CBN has a higher thermal resistance. In fact, at temperatures exceeding 800 degrees, CBN becomes harder than diamond and cBN is more than able to keep its cutting edge well up to 1000 degrees. As well as a higher thermal resistance, the thermal conductivity of CBN is four and a half times better than copper making it a close competitor diamond. The strength and resistance to thermal attack, while maintaining sharp cutting edges during use, make CBN Grinding Wheels the superior choice compared to conventional and diamond grinding wheels in certain materials. If you would like to read more about CBN Wheels click here.

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