Grinding with Aggressive Grinding wheels


The most aggressive grinding wheel on the market right now, is a tight battle between CBN and Diamond wheels. Both materials, have a great stock removal rate from difficult to grind (DTG) materials. However, the wheels have to be built specifically to grind aggressively, considering the metal being ground, width, thickness, grit and bond type. The expert engineers at Eagle Superabrasives, have these exact thoughts in mind, when helping customers choose the wheel that will fit their needs to the best of their ability.


Bond types for aggressive grinding wheels

Bond type is important when looking for a grinding wheel. The bond is typically where a high-performance grinding wheel breaks down. If the bond is poorly done, the wheels work life, is significantly altered. However, if you speak to our in-house chemist and engineers about our bonding styles, you will notice the significance they impose on choosing the correct bonds.


Resin, Metal and Hybrid bond technology is constantly evolving with the availability of superior resins with improved heat tolerance, better fillers to combat burning, add lubricity and porosity combine to make wheels cut cooler. Vastly improved Diamond / CBN types to increase cutting action and wheel life and better, stronger and thicker coatings for the abrasive material to lock the abrasive into the bond to reduce diamond pull out and therefore increase wheel life and efficiency.



Eagle Superabrasives grinding wheels are aggressive and designed to handle the most severe grinding applications from heavy stock removal to finishes. Their durability and fast cutting action ideally suit maintenance, metal fabrication and welding.


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Trust the experts

When you’re ready to try the best, trust the experts at Eagle Superabrasives Inc. Our staff is ready to answer any questions that you may have when it comes to choosing a grinding wheel and understanding what wheel will meet your needs the best. Contact us today to speak about aggressive grinding wheels!