Wood Industry

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Eagle Superabrasives began by selling wheels to the woodworking industry over a decade ago, and have rose to the top of North American providers of diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride) wheels to the industry over that time.

We take pride in providing grinding solutions for various woodworking applications, ranging from primary saw sharpening to CNC profile grinding and other projects.

Grinding Wheels for Saws, Knives and Woodworking Tools

Eagle understands that no two companies or machine operators grind their saws and tools the exact same way.

We have spent years developing bonds to suit a wide range of grinding styles and demands.

Whether you are looking for longer wheel life and form retention, a wheel to reduce your cycle times, or anything in between, we have options to help fit your unique needs and maximize your profitability.

Diamond and CBN in the Wood Industry

Carbide, steel, and stellite have long been the most prevalent cutting materials in the woodworking industry.

Eagle is a leading supplier of diamond and CBN grinding wheels for applications including:

Carbide-tipped & Stellite-tipped Saw Blades

Tool & Cutter Grinding

Moulding, Planer, Chipper & Planer Knives


If you are ready to explore taking your grinding operations to the next level, give Eagle a call today and speak with one of our live application experts!

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