What is Thru-feed grinding | Best Grinding Wheels for Thru-Feed Grinding

What is Thru-feed grinding?

Thru-feed grinding is a centerless grinding technique that is a production flat machining process. Thru-feed grinding process achieves almost everything that a conventional double disk or spindle can do. Out of the three centerless grinding techniques, thru-feed grinding is the most efficient method known for producing high production surface grinding of small to mid-size parts. We have found that this method of grinding practically eliminates down time.


How does thru-feed grinding work?

During the thru-feed grinding process, the workpiece passes through the machine itself. The workpiece passes between two wheels, a grinding wheel and a regulating wheel. The wheels rotate parallel to each other, but at much different speeds. The purpose of the grinding wheel is to remove material from the workpiece and improve the part quality. The regulating wheel acts like the brakes in a car. It control the rotational speed and thru feed rate of the workpiece.


What kind of Grinding Wheel do I need?

For the highest quality finished workpiece, Eagle Superabrasives Inc offers various centerless grinding wheels. The abrasive material needed will depend on the workpiece that needs to be ground. We currently offer CBN, CDX and Diamond grinding wheels on six core materials. Check out our video on dressing grinding wheels by watching the following link.


Trust the experts

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