Surface Grinding Wheel

Eagle Superabrasives is a premier supplier of superabrasive wheels in the United States. With an extensive inventory of over 6,000 Diamond, CBN, and CDX wheels at our Hickory, NC headquarters, we are able to ship ninety percent of orders same-day. Custom orders can be filled in as little as seven days.

What are Surface Grinding Wheels?

Surface grinding wheels are used to produce smooth finishes on flat surfaces. The process of surface grinding is used heavily in machining. The process typically includes a grinding wheel that is covered in abrasive particles (CBN, CDX, Diamond) that cut chips of metallic or nonmetallic material from a workpiece, resulting in the face being flat or smooth.

Surface grinding wheels are one of the most used wheels in grinding operations. The surface grinding wheel is used as the finishing process, by rotating the wheel to smooth the flat surface of the workpiece.

Our surface grinding wheels come in a variety of abrasive grains such as Diamond, CBN, and CDX. As well as various grain choices, our wheels can be manufactured on six different core materials as well as multiple bonds.

We can manufacture our wheels as thin as 0.2mm and up to a maximum diameter of 700mm (27-1/2″) and anything in between.

Surface Grinding Wheels composed of Diamond or CBN are extremely hard and are capable of economically grinding materials, such as ceramics and carbides. If you’re working with ferrous materials, a surface grinding wheel made of CBN will yield the best results due to its lack of carbon atoms. Diamond is composed of carbon and reacts with ferrous materials when under intense heat.

Surface Grinding Wheel Applications

A surface grinding wheel from Eagle Superabrasives is a universal choice when working with difficult to grind materials that need rapid stock removal and precise tolerance.

Surface Grinding Styles

As with any workplace and the operation involved, different grinding techniques are needed to achieve optimal results.

A surface grinding wheel can be used in two different ways for grinding.

The first style of surface grinding is horizontal surface grinding. This style grinds by placing the edge of the wheel so that it is in contact with the workpiece. Horizontal grinders are typically used for high-precision work on simple flat surfaces, tapers, or angled surfaces.

The next style of surface grinding is vertical surface grinding. The face of the grinding wheel(segment, cylinder, or cup) does the grinding. The workpiece typically sits on a rotary table allowing for an even grinding finish.

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