CBN Borazon wheels

CBN Wheels | 14F1R 200mm CBN Grinding Wheel – 01879

14F1R 200mm x 5 x 60mm
1.6mm x 7mm CBN
B120 C100

cbn wheels



200mm CBN Profile Grinding Wheel with 60mm bore
1.6mm x 7mm CBN Section

The longest lasting CBN Wheel on the market is engineered in Hickory, North Carolina at Eagle Superabrasives Inc’s headquarters. An American manufacturer and supplier of superabrasives of the United States, boast an extensive inventory of over 6,000 CBN wheel, CDX and Diamond Wheels in stock. Wheels that are in stock are capable of being shipped same day. Custom orders for wheels that need extra grit, diameter, etc. can be developed and shipped in as little as seven days!

CBN is a man-made material that rivals the strength of diamond, which is composed of cubic boron nitride. The boron atoms replace the carbon atoms that make up the structure of diamond. By replacing the carbon atoms with boron, CBN wheels are able to grind ferrous materials with ease. CBN is ideally suited for any hardened steels as there is minimal heat up. While it is great to have a wheel that last longer when grinding materials that are ferrous, it’s important to have a wheel that is aggressive and last long.

At Eagle, we specialize in engineering wheels designed to last long and grind aggressively. We can create wheels that will increase your day to day production. Instead of grinding 40 workpieces per day, we can create a blade that can grind up to 50 per day. In a whitepaper research, located here, you can read about customer scenarios and how customers increase productivity and revenue by selecting a wheel that last longer and allows for an increase in productivity.

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14F1R 200mm x 5 x 60mm – 1.6mm x 7mm CBN – B120 C100

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