Oil & Gas Industry

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The oil & gas industry relies on some of the toughest tools and equipment in the world, largely thanks to HVOF sprays and hardfacing applied to the outer surfaces.

At Eagle Superabrasives, we manufacture diamond wheels tailor-made for the unique grinding demands of the oil & gas industry. Our wheels help customers grind hardfacing back to an even surface, as well as grind PCD drillbits and wear parts.

Tailor-Made for a Variety of Oil & Gas Applications

Eagle is a leading supplier of diamond wheels to the mining and downhole drilling industry.

Some of the materials and applications that our customers use our wheels for every day include:

Hardface Coatings


Buttons or Inserts

Gate Valves

Gage Bricks


If any of these resonate or you have another application that calls for a top-of-the-line diamond wheel, give the experts at Eagle Superabrasives a call.

Grinding Wheels for the Oil & Gas Industry

Maintaining and working with extremely difficult-to-grind thermal spray coatings and other super-hard materials is a challenging task. Our diamond grinding wheels are up to the challenge.

Our proprietary superabrasive bonds are specifically developed for grinding hardface coating, plasma spray, and hard-welded alloys. Our DP-1 bond in particular is specifically designed to perform under the extreme stresses that grinding thermal spray coatings cause.

With a DP-1 bonded wheel, you can count on rapid stock removal, durability and a quality surface finish.

Our diamond wheels not only meet the demanding standards of the industry, they blow them out of the water.

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