Medical Industry

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Medical devices, surgical instruments, prosthetics and dentistry tools require ultra-precise grinding to ensure the highest quality and consistency. The quality grinding solutions offered by Eagle Superabrasives are tailor-made for your most precise applications.

Regardless of which meticulously-crafted tools you are manufacturing, from clamps to hypodermic needles, Eagle is here to help you provide medical professionals exactly what they need in order to improve our health and lives.

Grinding Wheels for the Medical Industry

In the past century, the world’s population has grown by well over 5 billion people!

More people and scientific advancements have led to constantly increasing demands for surgeries and other medical procedures.

It stands to reason the demand for a variety of medical instruments is also growing. Burr-free needles are critical, both for effectiveness and the comfort of the patient. Scalpels need a specific edge to cut clean and avoid or at least reduce scarring.

Precision is paramount in all elements of the medical industry. At Eagle, we’ve made it our mission to deliver the highest quality solutions for the production of medical and surgical instruments, including the largest range of wheels for sharpening and electrochemical (ECG) cutting to meet burr-free surface finish requirements for finished tools.

What Medical Tools Require Grinding?

Surgical and medical equipment that is ground using our high precision wheels includes, but is not limited to:

Cannula & Biopsy Needles

Spinal Cord Stimulation Devices

Catheter Bodies

Bone Drills & Rasps

Surgical Reamers

Cold Chisels

A leader in manufacturing of CBN and diamond wheels, our wide range of products help manufacturers in grinding, polishing and finishing these and various other instruments daily.

How Can Eagle Help?

Eagle’s products are used in many applications, including cutting and profiling, rough grinding, polishing of interfaces and joints, sharpening, and finishing.

For manufacturers of prosthetics, our grinding and polishing systems are widely used for orthopedics such as metal knee joints, ceramic and metal hip joints, and trauma implants. We offer a wide range of solutions for deburring and polishing of orthopedics used in internal fixation and open reduction surgeries.

We also offer a variety of solutions for grinding cobalt-chromium, nitinol, and stainless steel alloys used in the manufacturing of dental devices. We help our customers meet, and in many cases exceed, their production and quality objectives.

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