High Performance Diamond, CBN & CDX Wheels

How fast Should I Be Running My Wheel?

Wheel speed is measured by Surface Feet Per Minute (SFPM) and calculated by using the Diameter of the wheel and spindle speed of your machine – meters/second (m/s) or revolution per minute (RPM). A safe SFPM recommendation for most applications is 5,500 SFPM. However, there are other factors that can cause you to have to run a little faster or slower, such as wet grinding or dry grinding. If the wheel seems to be losing its edge or going a way to fast you may need to speed it up or if it seems it is not cutting at all you may need to slow it down. These are variables that you will need to take into consideration when determining the life and effectiveness of the wheel.

Eagle Superabrasives has an APP that can assist you in determining what SFPM you are running. You can enter the diameter of your wheel in either mm or inches and then either the RPMs or m/s of the spindle to get your SFPM.

Below is a quick chart to give you range of what wheel speed your wheel should be running.

The chart below is a guide line and not meant to be an absolute.