Hardface Grinding

Hardface grinding can be a challenge without the correct tools for the job. Eagle Superabrasives manufactures and supplies superabrasive wheels that meet the specific needs of customers looking to grind hardfacings.

We keep a minimum of 6,000 wheels in stock and create custom diamond and CBN wheels, ensuring that you have the right wheel for any job. We ship stock orders same day and some custom orders in as little as seven days.



Hardface grinding can be done on low alloy steels with carbon contents of less than 1%. A few of the metals that can be hardfaced are stainless steels, manganese, cast irons, and nickel- and copper-based alloys. Flux-cored arc welding and gas metal arc welding are a few examples of processes that are used to hardface these and other materials.

As the name implies, hardfacing is used to limit wear of metal parts by hardening their surface. Metal parts often fail and fall short from their intended use not because they fracture, but because of wear which causes the loss of dimension and functionality.

Hardfacing is also referred to as hardsurfacing, and works by applying build-up or wear-resistant coatings or materials to a part’s surface.


Grinding Hardface Materials

Hardface grinding requires wheels that are specially engineered to take on such a task. Eagle Superabrasives chemists and engineers work constantly on developing diamond wheels that make hardface grinding a breeze. We do so by using our proprietary bonds specifically designed for hardface and hardened alloys.


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