Grit Size Comparison

US Mesh and European (FEPA) Grit Sizes

The chart below shows both the US Mesh and European (FEPA) grit sizes compared to the Eagle Superabrasive standard designation.  As you can see in the chart, Eagle Superabrasives grit sizes range from as coarse as 60-grit to as fine as 2000-grit.

On our packaging and wheel identification we designate the grit with either a D or B in front of the grit size. The D represents Diamond and B represents Borazon/CBN.

Grit sizes of 500 or finer are designated as micron sizes.  Micron-grit wheels are typically used for polishing in applications with strict finish requirements.

chart of micron diamond grit sizes
US Mesh diamond grit size chart
blocky diamond for grinding wheels