Glass and Ceramics Industry

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The ceramics industry manufactures a vast array of products, ranging from circuit board parts, solar energy panels, kitchenware, pipes, tubes, advanced technical ceramics and refractories.

Eagle Superabrasives covers them all. We offer advanced grinding solutions tailor-made for any kind of industrial application. Our high precision diamond grinding wheels work longer, cut faster, and are more durable than our competitors.

Diamond Grinding Wheels for Glass & Ceramic Cutting

Available in metal, electroplated and resin bonds for all sorts of grinding operations, Eagle’s diamond wheels are the premiere grinding solution available.

Some of the vast array of applications we help our customers with include:


Surface Grinding


OD & ID Grinding

Fluting & Gashing

General Roughing & Polishing

Every single diamond wheel we produce offers the highest thermal conductivity available and desired hardness for your specific application.

Why Use Superabrasives to Grind Glass & Ceramics?

Grinding ceramics and glass presents special challenges unlike any other industrial operation.

Our diamond wheels are specifically designed to cut the hard, brittle, and dense materials that these applications work with on a daily basis.

Manufacturers around the globe use these wheels in a variety of different industries and applications, including:



Scientific Tools & Equipment

Optical Glass

Technical Ceramics

Sheet Glass


Stem Wear

What About Eagle?

Eagle offers both resin and metal bond options for glass cutting, depending on the specific details and unique needs of your production.

For ceramic and composite projects, Eagle’s electroplated wheels offer both free-cutting action and excellent overall performance.

No matter the difficulty or needs of your operation, if you are grinding glass or ceramics, give Eagle a call!

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