“The Pro 1 is the Mack Daddy!  Paid for itself in 2 days! Glad I gave it a try!”

“Your wheels are as good as if not better than the best on the market at a much better price. The personal touch I receive is 2nd to none.”

“Sorry for my order frequency dropping, your wheels are too good!”

“I’m very happy with the Pro 2 wheel, It blows away my 3M wheel”

“We appreciate the extra mile Eagle Superabrasives goes for a quality product.”

“After successful test of fluting, we converted all wheels necessary to grind this tool to Eagle wheels and were able to knock off almost 40% of the run time (from 22 min. to 14 min.) and extend truing intervals by 4x (from 50 parts to 200 parts). Also, the wheels virtually do not have to stick wheel (only after trueing to open it up) when before we were sticking after every 5 parts.”

“This wheel is really outperforming my expectations, finish is excellent, and we are now switching everything over to Eagle wheels.”

“My sales rep is very accessible, I like the way we work together.”

“Consistency in the wheels is the main indicator of the quality of the Eagle wheels.”