Electro-Chemical Grinding (ECG)


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This wheel is a beast…..

Eaven Says…… So far with the wheels that I have ordered;   3mm X 75mm Diamond Fluting wheel This wheel is a beast I have only good things to say about it. 100% satisfied   100mm X 10mm CBN This wheel along with my programing has done exactly what I have set out to do […]


One of the Best Suppliers I have ever worked with.

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Eagle Superabrasives, Inc. is an industry leader in both Diamond and CBN high performance Phenolic and Polyimide resin bonded Electro-Chemical (ECG) grinding and cut-off wheels.

ECG grinding is particularly effective for cutting tubes and cylinders where a burr free cut is absolutely critical. The medical, industrial cooling, tubing and aerospace industries are prime examples.

ECG grinding is particularly suitable for cutting off and grinding Aluminum, Beryllium, Inconel, Iridium, Powdered metals and Stainless steel.

Many years of research and development have enabled us to offer our customers vastly superior products at extremely competitive prices.

We are able to offer ECG wheels in diameters ranging from ½” up to 27” and as thin as 0.004”.

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