Composites Industry

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Composites are widely used in corrosive environments such as water treatment facilities, oil & gas refineries, pulp mills, and chemical processing facilities.

In addition to corrosion, reasons to use composites heat, impact resistance, tensile strength, high durability, and the ability to dampen vibrations and absorb noise.

Applications and Types of Composites

Composites have applications across multiple industries, including sports & recreation, military, marine, energy, aerospace and automotive.

These materials are used to manufacture all kinds of structures and items, including:

Marble Countertops & Sinks

Storage Tanks

Shower Stalls

Race Car Bodies

Aerospace Components

(e.g. propellers, fuselages, wings and tails)

Window Frames

Doors & Decking

Sports & Recreation Equipment

(e.g. skis, rackets, fishing rods, golf clubs, hockey sticks and archery bows)

A wide variety of materials are included under the composite umbrella, including carbon & glass fibers, natural fiber-reinforced composites, resins, ceramic composites, and reinforced concretes.

How Do Diamond Grinding Wheels Apply to Composites?

Diamond grinding wheels are ideal for cutting, grinding and milling hard-to-shape materials, including carbon fiber, fiberglass and fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP), all of which are prevalent in manufacturing composite products.

Our wheels are tailor-made for daily use in a multitude of applications, including but not limited to:

Centerless & Cylindrical Grinding

OD & ID Grinding

Cut-Off Grinding

Surface Grinding

Profile Grinding

Using more traditional tools, like drills and mills made from hardened tool steel or carbide, can result in fiber pullout, de-lamination, heat damage, chipping, and greatly enhanced wear to the tools.

As conventional tools dull, the product’s surface integrity is often damaged, and the dimensional accuracy and component quality become unsatisfactory.

Unlike these types of tools, Eagle’s diamond wheels are made to cut hard, abrasive and brittle materials and minimize the issues that make conventional tooling ineffective.

Why Should You Trust Eagle With Your Grinding Needs?

Eagle offers high-precision grinding solutions for cutting and grinding the wide range of possible composite materials that are used throughout several industries.

Our diamond and CBN grinding wheels allow for the machining and grinding of tough-to-cut materials where deep cuts and fast stock removal are required.

Manufacturers who are currently using our wheels are achieving achieve superior levels of component accuracy and consistency, all while improving thier surface finishes.

Whether you are looking for a quick in-stock option or a tailor-made wheel designed to your unique application, Eagle’s highly-experienced team of application engineers are ready to help you find the perfect grinding wheel for your specific needs.

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