Choosing the right centerless grinding wheels

Choosing the right centerless grinding wheel is important, when you think of investing back into your company. Eagle Superabrasives, makes the choice of purchasing a centerless wheel, much simpler. Eagle Superabrasives, is a premier supplier of superabrasive wheels located in the United States. Our Hickory, North Carolina location alone, boast an extensive inventory of over 6,000 diamond, cdx and cbn wheels in stock. We are able to ship most orders in a day, while custom orders can be shipped in as little as seven days.


Utilizing centerless grinding wheels, is a process that puts the workpiece between two wheels – the grinding wheel and the feed-regulating wheel. Achieving precision and answering the question “Who makes the best centerless grinding wheels” is now easier with Eagle Superabrasive centerless grinding wheels. We offer a complete line of wheels that are engineered in-house to help maintain accuracy and control over the process.


How to choose what type of centerless grinding wheel to use


Through Feed End Feed In Feed
The workpiece enters
one side and exits the
other side.
The workpiece is fed in
one side and comes to
rest where the grinding
takes place and then
the piece is fed in the
opposite direction to exit.
Used to grind pieces with
complex shapes.
The workpiece is entered
manually and does not
enter / exit as in through
feed and end feed



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