Centerless Grinding Wheels

Eagle Superabrasives Inc. specializes in centerless grinding wheels. It is able and willing to customize wheels for a particular job but still ship within a very short period of time, typically within seven days. Contact us at <a href=”tel:1-800-417-7617″>800-417-7617</a>


Eagle Superabrasives has the expertise, when it comes to centerless applications thanks to our advanced manufacturing process, premium grains and specially formulated to last longer than our competitors. Our centerless grinding wheels are customized to fit almost every application, whether it be through-feed, end-feed or in-feed. Eagle Superabrasives centerless grinding wheels ensure that work pieces are finished to the highest quality.


Applications served with our Centerless Grinding Wheels

Our customers have used our centerless wheels on carbide rods, tool steel rods, powdered metal rods, tapered rods and step drills. Our centerless grinding wheels can provide surface finishes to 1 Ra and better depending on the material being ground. Based om the material being ground, we will typically produce a custom wheel containing either CBN or Diamond as the abrasive materials. Wheels can even be produced with an abrasive depth ranging from 1/8” to in excess of ½” depth for special applications.


Centerless Grinding Wheel Machines

Our customers work in a vast range of industries, all of which may use different machines to utilize centerless wheels. To name just a few of the machines that we have served with our wheels:

  • Cincinnati
  • DedTru
  • Koyo
  • Landis
  • Okuma
  • Paragon
  • Royal Master
  • Unison
  • WMV


Trust the experts

When you’re ready to try the best, trust the experts at Eagle Superabrasives Inc. Our staff is ready to answer any questions that you may have when it comes to choosing a grinding wheel and understanding what wheel will meet your needs the best. To receive more information on any of our products, give us a call at: <a href=”tel:1-800-417-7617″>800-417-7617</a>