Centerless Grinding Wheels and Choosing the Best Wheel

Centerless grinding wheels utilize centerless grinding machines. The grinding machines can be configured for through feed grinding and for infeed grinding. Centerless grinding involves two wheels to complete the process, a regulation wheel and a grinding wheel. The regulation wheel is rotating the workpiece, while the grinding wheel is doing the removal of stock.


Through-feed grinding End-feed grinding


Centerless Grinding Wheels with the through feed process

Through feed grinding, runs the workpiece through the machine continuously on a blade. However, only cylindrical work pieces are able to be ground using this process. The width of the grinding wheel has to be adapted to the workpieces. The parts are then rotated by the regulation wheel or the feed wheel.


Centerless Grinding Wheels with the Infeed process

An alternative to grinding non-cylindrical workpieces, is the process of infeed grinding. The workpiece is inserted in the machine automatically. Then the regulation wheel and grinding wheel are placed closer together, where the wheels are then ground to user’s desire. The wheels can also be profiled in order to grind complex surfaces.


In-feed Grinding



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