Wet and Dry Grinding Comparison Between CBN & Diamond Grinding Wheels

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CBN Wheels

Superabrasive wheels refers to diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels.

Diamond is known as the hardest naturally-occurring substance on Earth. However, CBN is a man-made material that rivals the strength of diamond and keeps a cooler cut under intense heat conditions that are produced while working with difficult-to-grind materials, such as ferrous metals.

Unlike diamond, CBN is bonded together by boron instead of carbon atoms.  This difference is the key to CBN holding up better to high heat, allowing for efficient grinding of a variety of different steels and other ferrous metals that glaze up diamond grinding wheels.

Grinding Agent Type of Bond Wet Grinding m/s Dry Grinding m/s
Diamond Wheels Resin Bond 20-30 10-20
Diamond Wheels Metal Bond 15-25 10-15
Diamond Wheels Vitrified Bond 10-20
Diamond Wheels Electroplated Bond 10-20 10-15
CBN Wheels Resin Bond 40-80 15-30
CBN Wheels Metal Bond 40-80 10-20
CBN Wheels Vitrified Bond 40-60
CBN Wheels Electroplated Bond 40-125 10-30

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