Cost Per Tip Topping reduced by 25%

Machine – Vollmer CP200

Wheel – 6A9

Stock removal – .1mm

Traverse Rate – 4mm/sec

Cost Per Tip  –

Leading Competitors Wheel = $.0031

Eagle SuperAbrasives Wheel = $.0025

Should I Use Coolant on Grinding Wheels?

Although resin bond wheels may be used dry, the use of coolant will increase efficiency and greatly extend wheel life. Flood coolant is recommended where possible. Always ensure that coolant is directed at the point of contact between wheels and the work piece, and keep filtration systems clean.

How Does Wheel Speed Affect the Hardness of the Wheel

A speed range of between 5000 and 7000 SFPM (surface feel per minute) is recommended for Eagle Superabrasives wheels. The lower speed range makes the wheel act softer and coarser, while the higher speed range makes the wheel act harder and finer.