Facing Grinding Increased by 25%

Machine – UTMA AP800 Facer

Wheel – 12V2

Stock Removal – .020″

Tips Ground

Leading Competitors wheel = 40,000 tips

Eagle SuperAbrasives Wheel = 50,000 tips.

Cost Per Tip Topping reduced by 25%

Machine – Vollmer CP200

Wheel – 6A9

Stock removal – .1mm

Traverse Rate – 4mm/sec

Cost Per Tip  –

Leading Competitors Wheel = $.0031

Eagle SuperAbrasives Wheel = $.0025

How to Mount and True Diamond Wheels & CBN Wheels


Flanges, plates and spindles should be clean, free of burrs and run true. Maximum run-out should not exceed .005” for straight type wheels or .001” for cup wheels.


After mounting, Diamond wheels and CBN wheels should be trued with a brake truing device. When the wheel is trued, it will be glazed and must be dressed aggressively to expose the crystals.

Should I Use Coolant on Grinding Wheels?

Although resin bond wheels may be used dry, the use of coolant will increase efficiency and greatly extend wheel life. Flood coolant is recommended where possible. Always ensure that coolant is directed at the point of contact between wheels and the work piece, and keep filtration systems clean.

Typical Diamond Wheel and CBN Wheel Speeds

Typical Diamond Wheel and CBN Wheel Speeds

Wheel Diameter                RPM Range

3″                                         5200 – 8000
4″                                         4600 – 6500
5″                                         3600 – 5000
6″                                         3200 – 4200
7″                                         2600 – 3600
8″                                        2300 – 3000
10″                                      1800 – 2500

Formula: To calculate wheel speed in SFPM – Diameter (in ft) x 3.142 x RPM

How Does Wheel Speed Affect the Hardness of the Wheel

A speed range of between 5000 and 7000 SFPM (surface feel per minute) is recommended for Eagle Superabrasives wheels. The lower speed range makes the wheel act softer and coarser, while the higher speed range makes the wheel act harder and finer.

How Do I Dress Diamond and CBN Wheels


Glazed Wheel

Glazed Wheel

Dressed Wheel

Dressed Wheel








To dress the wheel, select a dressing stick one or two grit sizes finer than the abrasive In the diamond or CBN wheel. Turn off the coolant pump.

Turn on the machine and allow the grinding wheel to reach full RPM, and then turn off the spindle motor. Apply the dressing stick to the abrasive section on the wheel with medium to light pressure until the wheel stops rotating.

Repeat the above step until the dressing stick feels like it is being pulled or drawn into the wheel. This may need to be repeated up to four or five times depending on the condition of the wheel surface.