What is Make and Hold?

Are you waiting for diamond wheels?

At Eagle, we make sure to keep you up and running, without you having to keep excess inventory on the shelf.

We will manufacture your custom wheels and keep them on the shelf. When you are ready, release the wheel (we can have your wheels delivered next day if you need it rushed) and we will start manufacturing the replacement wheel.

All we ask is that we do not have to keep the wheel on the shelf for longer than 4 months.


How Do I Get Better Performing Wheels?

Only 28% of companies have a person that keeps written
statistics on the performance of their wheels.
Only 8% of those companies also have a set step-bystep
performance and evaluation process for their

Did you know that typically every 18-24
months, technology improvements increase
wheel performance by as much as 15%.
If you have not had each wheel designed
specifically for the application, why?
If it doesn’t cost you anything to do this,
why wouldn’t you ?
Using our Wheel Optimization System
(WOS) we will take each wheel one at a time and
using our step-by-step evaluation process, help you
develop the wheel for optimal cost per part. Best of
all – it’s FREE. We keep the records for you and we
help you develop the grinding process that saves
you money.

How to Reduce Your Sharpening Cost

When polled, 68% of companies advised they make
purchase decisions in the following order

Cost of the wheel

Life of the wheel

Performance of the wheel

If you purchase wheels based on these
parameters, you could be adding 34%
or more to your cost per part.
How can your diamond wheels
REDUCE your overall grinding cost so much?
Speak to one of our engineers to have them
explain to you what we can do to bring down
your COST PER PART using a tried and tested
formula that applies to all grinding applications.

Improve Your Wheel Performance 10-15%

Improve your wheel performance by 10-15%


Typical enhancements to Diamond wheel bonds
improve performance by 10-15% or more.

In a recent survey, 76% of customers are still
using diamond wheels that were developed
3 years ago or longer.

Statistics show that your cost per part
could be as much as 18% higher if the
wheel has not been optimized.

If you have been using the same wheel
specification for more than 18 months,
it is likely that you are not grinding as fast
as you could and your cost per part is
higher than it should be.

Using our proprietary Bond Development
Process ( B.D.P. ), each wheel formulation is
analyzed and enhanced on an 18 month cycle
ensuring wheels are manufactured with the most
technically advanced bond systems available.

You will never be grinding with old technology
with Eagle Wheels.

Strobe Grinding Wheel – 5X Better.

Machine – Wright Strobe Grinder

Wheel – 4A1P

Stock Removal – .030″

Wheel Life

Leading Competitors Wheel – 2 weeks

Eagle SuperAbrasives Wheel – 10 Weeks

Facing Grinding Increased by 25%

Machine – UTMA AP800 Facer

Wheel – 12V2

Stock Removal – .020″

Tips Ground

Leading Competitors wheel = 40,000 tips

Eagle SuperAbrasives Wheel = 50,000 tips.