Industrial Supplier problems with deliveries

Three options to
keep your customers’
wheels in stock

Eagle’s proprietary Make &
Hold™ custom stocking
Blanket orders — releases
scheduled by date or by
Consignment — stock wheels
at your site to be billed as
you use them

Industrial Suppliers Diamond Wheel bond development

Eagle’s Bond
Development Process
ensures your
customers’ wheels stay
ahead of the curve.
Each wheel formulation is
analyzed and enhanced on an
18-month cycle.
This process ensures wheels
are manufactured with the most
technically advanced bond
systems available.
Your customers will never have
outdated grinding technology
with Eagle wheels.

DP1 Bond for Thermal Coatings

New DP-1 Bond for THERMAL Coatings

Maintaining and working with virtually
indestructible Thermal Spray coatings and
other super hard materials is a challenging
task. The best material to use for grinding
thermal spray is the hardest known—
Specifically designed for thermal spray
coatings, our DP-1 bond performs
under the extreme stresses caused by
grinding such a hard material. These
wheels will provide the rapid stock
removal and surface finish you need
while maintaining a cost effective, efficient
grinding solution.
Our diamond wheels not only meet industry
standards, but easily exceed them. We often
out-perform our competition 3 to 1.
How? Quite simply, our wheels are formulated
specifically for the application and not a
generic off-the-shelf product.
Eagle Superabrasives has quickly
established itself as a leading supplier of
diamond grinding wheels to the mining and
downhole drilling industry. Whether the
application is for grinding hard face, thermal
spray coatings, buttons or inserts, gate valves,
gage bricks—or any other task that calls for high
performance diamond wheels—we are here
to help. Give us a call for a quotation on a DP-1
Bond wheel for your Thermal Spray application!


DP1 Bond for Hardface coatings

New DP-1 Bond for Grinding Hard Face Coatings

As technology leaders in
grinding Thermal Coatings,
Eagle Superabrasives provides a ready-made
HVOF Grinding solution that meets or exceeds
the industry’s toughest demands.
To develop this proprietary bond, we partnered
with numerous companies across a wide
variety of fields such as aerospace, automotive,
construction and mining. Working closely with
these customers to understand how they use
Thermal Coatings and what they require in a
grinding wheel allowed our in-house chemist
and engineers to produce unique wheels that easily
grind HVOF coatings without destroying the coating
Our HVOF Grinding Wheels are made-to-order,
and built with the sole purpose of grinding HVOF
coatings effectively and economically. We never use
a one-size-fits-all approach. Each wheel is custom
designed for your unique application.
Our DP-1 bond HVOF Grinding Wheels bring
many benefits to the workplace such as reduced cost,
improved performance, and improved efficiency.

When you’re ready to try the best, trust the experts at
Eagle Superabrasives. Our experienced staff
will provide support and advice along the way. With
unparalleled customer service, superior products and
fast shipping, Eagle Superabrasives is the clear choice
for all your Thermal Coated material grinding needs.

Is a cheaper grinding wheel a better deal?



Consider these facts.

20% reduction in wheel PRICE might only
save you 1% of your total
cost per part – if you are lucky!

increase in wheel LIFE could
actually end up costing you more per part.

By reducing your cycle time you
will decrease the cost per part by
as much as 15% or more.

72% of grinding shops are using generic, size fits all grinding wheels instead
of wheels tailor made for the application.

Our Application Engineers will work with you
& design a wheel that will reduce your cycle
times dramatically – saving you time,
money & increasing your bottom line.

Increase your profit by 65%

In any manufacturing business
there are variable costs and fixed costs. Some
fixed costs would be rent, salaries, utilities,
and machinery costs. Variable costs include
materials and consumables.
When analyzing your bottom line to find
where improvements can be made or costs
can be cut, fixed costs are likely the first to
be considered. However, it’s unlikely rent or
utilities can be reduced. Salary cuts for your
workforce will likely result in less-motivated
employees. And while less expensive
machines can be purchased, cheap equipment
often means lower performance.
Adjusting variable costs can typically have
more impact on profitability, but even those
have their limits. For instance, the cost of
materials such as carbide rod blanks: You
might manage a reduction in the cost of rod
blanks, but the effect on your bottom line will
be minimal when compared to an essential
component of your material processing:
Grinding wheels.
Grinding wheels and abrasives typically count
among the smallest budget portions — 2.5% to
3% by our estimates. But grinding wheels can
also provide the biggest return on investment
and have a far greater affect on your bottom
line than most companies appreciate.

Let’s assume your company has 3 or 4
employees and is manufacturing 1,000
end mills each week (4,000/month).
For ease of calculation, we will assume you are
running 3 shifts on 1 CNC machine. The cost
of the carbide rod is $8/blank. And the cost of
the wheel pack on the CNC machine is $1,200.
You sell the end mills for $14 each.
Gross income is $56,000 per month.
As you can see from the chart above, abrasive
costs are around 3%. Your net cost is $43,100.
Your net income is $12,900.

If you ask for a 20% discount
on your wheels:

$1,200 x 20% = $240.00 savings
That’s not too bad! A 20% reduction in the wheel
pack cost is 1.8% increase in net profit.

Let’s say we could make the wheel
pack last twice as long (and manufacture
end mills at the same speed):

Such a wheel pack would last 2 months,
meaning your wheel costs would be reduced
to save $600 per month. That’s even better!
A $600 savings is the same as a 4.5% increase
in net profit.

Finally, rather than asking us for a
less expensive wheel, or a wheel
that lasts longer, let’s say you ask us
for a wheel pack that grinds FASTER
and can reduce your cycle time and
manufacture more parts in a day.

A wheel pack that reduces your cycle time
by 5% will increase your output by 5%
• 4,000 end mills per month increases to 4,200
4,200 x $14 = $58,800 per month
This is a $2,800 increase in Gross Sales. More
importantly, this is also a $2,800 increase in
net profit.

If we can increase the PROFITability oF a single machine
by 65%, what could we do for your bottom line?



What Is Make and Hold?


Stay up and running with our Make and Hold Program

Eliminate 4-5 week lead times on custom wheels

Your custom wheels are ready when you need them

We’ll hold your
custom wheels at no
cost to you.

Increase or decrease your
stock at any time

We’ll hold your wheels for
up to four months

Never commit
to large
blanket orders.

One-piece minimum
stocking on most wheels

Wheels ready to ship same day

How Do I Get Better Performing Wheels?

Only 28% of companies have a person that keeps written
statistics on the performance of their wheels.
Only 8% of those companies also have a set step-bystep
performance and evaluation process for their

Did you know that typically every 18-24
months, technology improvements increase
wheel performance by as much as 15%.
If you have not had each wheel designed
specifically for the application, why?
If it doesn’t cost you anything to do this,
why wouldn’t you ?
Using our Wheel Optimization System
(WOS) we will take each wheel one at a time and
using our step-by-step evaluation process, help you
develop the wheel for optimal cost per part. Best of
all – it’s FREE. We keep the records for you and we
help you develop the grinding process that saves
you money.

Manufacturing? Save Up to 18% Per Part

Manufacturing? Save up to 18% on your
cost per part.

Typical enhancements to Diamond wheel bonds
improve performance by 10-15% or more.
In a recent survey, 76% of customers are still
using diamond wheels that were developed
3 years ago or longer.
Statistics show that your cost per part
could be as much as 18% higher if the
wheel has not been optimized.
If you have been using the same wheel
specification for more than 18 months,
it is likely that you are not grinding as fast
as you could and your cost per part is
higher than it should be.
Using our proprietary Bond Development
Process ( B.D.P. ), each wheel formulation is
analyzed and enhanced on an 18 month cycle
ensuring wheels are manufactured with the most
technically advanced bond systems available.
You will never be grinding with old technology
with Eagle Wheels.